Greetings to all fellow modelers! Finally I finished working on the diorama "Flak hunter Panzerwaffe» 
Diorama consists of four models and four figures. Won plot deployment of anti-aircraft self-propelled and 60 cm searchlight defense 
basic model diorama Sega's self-propelled gun based on the tank Pzkpfw IV and anti-aircraft guns 88 mm Flak 36. This is a very interesting machine, built by the Germans in 1943 in 3 copies. 
More details about this technique can be read here 
have survived only a few photos of the prototype, which was created with the help of this model. 
basis of the model served as the magazine scans and GPM Miitary Model , which were traditionally reduced to 35 on the same scale. When constructing the model in addition to paper and paperboard is widely used copper foil 0.2mm. Basically it hatches, hinges, wings, front guard guns. On the model tried to make maximum opening and moving parts. Open hatches crew and engine compartment, made ​​moving mud flaps on the wings, cover box aft and side armor protection gun. Actually made ​​movable cannon barrel, sight, arrows and vertical lay tray loading rod. 0.1mm aluminum foil made ​​a "corrugated iron" on the shelf and upper wings broneliste around guns. Just did an imitation of almost all bolts and nuts on the surface of the model. Used cardboard cups and plastic imitation of «MENG». Sloths fully soldered copper wire. On tracks tried as much as possible to simulate ribs and lugs. Just undergone refinements "vnutryanka" engine compartment. Have changed the engine and drive pulleys fans. All photos of prototypes. Since the firing position safety board self-propelled reclined, forming the floor, the location was changed to spare rollers and entrenching tools. second (complex) model was 60 cm anti-aircraft searchlight Flak-Sw 36, universal single axle trailer Sd. Ah. 51 and 8-kilowatt generator Autonomous collected from scans MODELIKa. Rama trailer made ​​of copper wire. The wheels added protector from GPM. Used nuts and bolts «MENG». Inside the spotlight put on the reflector and LED 3 volts. Of wires from the headphone cord made ​​gun. Missed it through the generator housing for diorama and connected to karobochke with batteries. Just posted on the diorama figures crew. Figures from the set MiniArt. Of additional parts added wicker boxes of anti-aircraft shells (own development), 88 mm shells (Academy), a bucket (GPM) and two shovels of copper foil and toothpicks. itself diorama made ​​2mm cardboard and wooden frame. Simulating soil-mixture of sand and PVA. Grass-bristle brush. All colored acrylic Polycolor, make a wash oil. Models lacquered "Sonnet" Neva palette. For tinting pigments used "Homa". Assembly itself here Many thanks to all who have followed the theme of the workshop and gave advice and criticism . And now a photo on nature and in the studio.

dimadzak 이란 분이 도면들을 이용해서 1/35 스케일로 축소해서 만드셨네요. 대박~

설마 피규어까지 자작은 아닐것 같고.. 스케일상 프라의 피규어를 사용하셨을 듯...

현재 만들고 있는 녀석이 저 서치라이트라서 우연히 발견하고 입벌리고 감상중...

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